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Tomco Garage Door Repair Service

Expert Team

At Tomco Garage Door Repair, we employ the skilled workforce and handymen who can handle any task concerning garage door repair. You find that most of the garage doors feature durable metal construction with exclusive design patterns. Our team handles every part with care.

24x7 Support

At Tomco Garage Door Repair Pro services, New Bedford, MA 02740, we offer delivery services suitable for consistent and standard jobs. Our trucks come fitted with all the garage products and materials that are necessary for any repair. We also ensure to avail of our services when needed.

Cost Effective

At Tomco Garage Door Repair, we offer exclusive and affordable residential and commercial garage door services at the most affordable cost. We ensure that our clients receive repair services at the most affordable price while maintaining high-quality services.

Customer Satisfaction

At Tomco Garage Door Repair Pro, we avail garage door services that not only provide quality services but also provide the best packages for a more comfortable living. With our experienced and qualified technicians, we pride ourselves on providing and perform quality services.

Professional Residential and Commercial Garage Doors Repairs in New Bedford, MA


Garage Door Opener Repair

When your safety sensors, rollers don't work, you'll be stranded outside. This calls for repairs, replacement, and installation of new sensors and, at times, lubricating your rollers. Openers with broken door cables or springs, malfunctioning transmitters, broken motors, and faulty sensors. With this in mind, replacement or repair of a defective garage opener is a massive task. It requires standard craftsmanship and quality services. Tomco Garage Door Repair services offer quality and standard garage opener services that will ensure you get into your garage safely and will save our customers hefty prices.


Garage Door Spring Repair

The springs play a crucial role in the opening and closing of the garage doors. It's attributed to the tension force that gives way for the garage door to position up and down efficiently and smoothly. Faulty garage door associates with a broken door spring. When the door lacks a safety cable, usually located in the middle, the door may easily break, leading to injuries of individuals and other risks. Avoiding such damages and dangers requires garage door maintenance, and inspections should be done regularly. Garage door springs need proper and professional work as springs can snap and shoot due to the tension.


Garage Door Opener Chain Kits

Every garage door comes with particular components such as spring, where we offer high-quality services when you come for Garage Door Springs Repair services. It's always our esteem to serve our clients to optimal satisfaction, and that's why we also provide Garage Door Opener Repair. Sometimes the openers might develop complications from every day uses where the opener might break or the spring wears and tear, thus rendering your door un-functional. You don't want any situation where you get locked out from going out or coming in from work.


Broken Garage Door Panel Repair

At Tomco Garage Door Repair services, New Bedford, MA 02740, we offer the essential services needed for repairing and maintaining your garage door issues in time. We offer these services with a team of expertise full of quality and standard experience. At our garage door repair company, we offer all the needed services for your garage spring, openers, pulley, rollers, sensors, among others. We also provide a thorough inspection of your garage door, either residential garage door or commercial garage doors.


Residential Garage Door

Residential garage doors refer to garage doors found on residential property, which is property owned by an individual. They vary in variety and type, such as side-hinged door, sectional, tilt-up retractable, tilt-up canopy, slide to the side, and roll up residential garage doors. Residential garage doors differ in materials, color, and finish used to design them. The residential garage door materials include polished wood, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and vinyl. For steel residential garage doors, they have secure maintenance practices, highly durable, and very cost-efficient.


Commercial Garage Door

Commercial garage doors refer to garage doors that allow entry of vehicles and people in and out of a business or a company. They allow easy access for storage of cars, loading and unloading products, and also provide security for equipment. Commercial garage doors vary from roll-up garage doors, industrial gates, fire-rated doors to overhead doors. Just like residential garage doors, commercial garage doors differ materials used, colors, designs, and finishing materials. Colors and designs vary with different company tastes and preferences.


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Every Garage door features a specific design that offers te accent and elegance that you need to define your commercial and residential premises. The garage doors require repair and excellent performance that offers maximum performance. At Tomco Garage Door Repair, New Bedford, MA 02740, we provide exclusive garage door repair services. We have the greatest skills in garage door repairs to facilitate your needs in the shortest time possible. We are the garage door repair company near you, where we are located only 140 miles to Birmingham, thus making it easier to find us.

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